Take Out!

Since you’re already in Eagle Creek Village you might as well grab a few eats to take with you.

Villages Pizza is a local favourite and an easy, delicious take out option. They have all the classics from Pepperoni to Hawaiian. If you want to get a little adventurous grab a Perogie, All Canadian, or the Philly Cheese Steak.

If you’re looking for some beverages to go with your take-out, Cascadia Liquor store is your next stop. Grab a full-bodied red for a more sophisticated taste, or pick up a six-pack for the classic pizza and beer situation.

Having a bunch of pals over for the game? Subway will fill everyone up in a pinch. Grab a couple (or more) footlongs, a dozen of their famous cookies and you are set!

No one says no to donuts. No one! Thank goodness for Tim Hortons. They have something for everyone. A personal favourite is the sour cream glazed or the for the fancy grab one with sprinkles. Oh, what the heck, grab some of that famous Tim’s coffee to go with your selections.