Custom mouthguards protect the lips, teeth, arches, gums and brain to minimize and prevent injury. For contact sports like boxing, football, hockey and rugby, we recommend mouthguards, as well as regular dental treatments.

It’s particularly important to have a well fitting mouthguard if you have braces or other orthodontic appliances. Any blow to the mouth area can cause cuts and tears to the soft tissue inside your mouth, as well as harming the wires and brackets of your braces.

Another advantage of a custom-fitted mouthguard is helping to prevent concussions. When a severe blow slams your lower and upper teeth together, the force can impact your brain triggering a concussion.

We will help you select the right mouthguard for you and your sport. The ideal mouthguard should be well fitted for your mouth, easy to clean and tear-resistant. We’ll also make sure it doesn’t affect your breathing while you wear it.

Caring for your mouthguard properly is important:

  • clean with a toothbrush and tooth paste or rinse prior to, and after, every use
  • regularly clean in cool, soapy water
  • do not leave the mouthguard in hot water or in the sun
  • use a strong container that has vents to store and transport
  • inspect your mouthguard for wear and tear and replace if necessary