Regardless of why teeth are missing, it can make many people feel self-conscious because they believe they don’t look their best. In addition, the gaps collect plaque, bacteria and other material that can cause serious speech and health issues over time.

Bridges actually “bridge” the spaces between missing teeth lost to decay or incidents. New, synthetic teeth fill in the spaces where natural teeth are missing, restoring a healthy, confident smile. If you have lost a tooth and your surrounding teeth are healthy, a bridge is an excellent option.

We can build bridges to fill gaps quickly and permanently. Our bridges are customized to fit your teeth and mouth, crafting a permanent fill that will be more attractive, as well as stronger and straighter, than your original tooth. And it will blend in beautifully because we carefully match the colour and shade of your existing teeth.

Bridges have a number of advantages:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Strengthens your overall bite
  • Gives you back your natural smile
  • Prevents facial misalignment caused by missing teeth
  • Corrects speech issues due to missing teeth